How You Can Engage and Reward Your Customers/Clients/Guests

MyPrizeIs.Com’s Prize Wheels are multi-purpose and can be used to engage and reward your customer base- present and future.   The prize wheel can be adapted to meet your individual needs and is able to provide a variety  of countless promotions. Please contact us for the setup of a prize wheel  to suit your next promotion or event.  Spin the wheel below  to experience this exciting and engaging marketing tool. After you participate here on line with a valid email address you will receive a  detailed email explaining your prize.  Once we are working with you we will provide you with a  branded email that promotes your business . We can also place additional coupons  this email to further promote your product or service. can help you engage and reward your clients with exciting promotions via this program;  we ask that you email us  or call us at 212-989-6633 and ask for Steve.

Directions:  Please just enter your name and email address then hit spin. You will be emailed at the email address you provided and you will receive a sample coupon, or prize information.
Understand that  your logo and branding graphics will appear on your coupon/prize.
Your Prize Wheel Program  Includes:

  • Choice of Requiring Clients Email To Play
  • Unique  QR and or Barcodes For Client Identification
  • Weighted Prizes- Varying Odds Of Prize Choices
  • Security: Accepting an email address per time period
  • Security: Checking IP address per time period
  • Custom branded email to the player
  • Choice of  Number of Spins per day