Frequently Asked Questions:
Increase Sales and Reward Customers
With A Custom Virtual Prize Wheel

satisfactionQ) The S.P.I.N. Virtual, Online. Prize Wheel is an inexpensive Reward/Loyalty program; what do you mean?
A) You can reward your customers, clients,  guests with meaningful prizes/rewards.   You can offer these prizes 24/7/365.  Motivate your audience to visit and return to your website. Use fun, spinning prize on your website,  in email blasts, Facebook posts, tweets or print the link (or QR) code on your printed advertising. With S.P.I.N. everyone wins something! And you can get started for as little as $49 per month – no contracts!

Q) The S.P.I.N. Virtual Prize wheel is an inexpensive Coupon System. What do you mean and besides I already have a coupon program?
A)   Unlike your printed coupons you may be using now that have a short life; the virtual prize wheel is a comprehensive coupon system that allows for automatic progressive expiration dates (you can set the number of days for expiration and the viewer will automatically see an updated day of expiration!)  Many buyers of our prize wheel have saved thousands of dollars by eliminating in part or totally getting rid of their printed coupons.

Q) Why does having a virtual prize wheel increase sales?
A) Receiving a prize or discount coupon motivates people to buy.  When people are searching the net , you have a much greater chance of obtaining their email when you offer them something in return.  Once you have their name and email you can contact them and open a dialog, which in turn can lead to a sale.

Q) Is the wheel an App?
A) No, our virtual prize wheespinpanelsl is internet based. People can spin on their smartphone, laptop or iPad.


Q) How many times can I spin the wheel?
A) The system can be set up to spin for 1 to infinity times per day per the player’s IP address.  Most people set it up to be spin only once per day.  if they have it running on their website or it can be set up to be spin indefinitely if at a trade show or perhaps when your staff is managing the wheel.

Q) What are the probabilities of winning?
A) That depends on how the wheel is set up. Usually one of your prizes has the same chance of winning unless you “weight” the wheel.  You can weight a prize to come up more or less frequently.

wheelpaulQ) How many prizes or coupons can I have?
A)  We suggest no more than 10 for the best visual presentation and functionality

Q) How can I customize my prize wheel?
A)  You can customize design colors, graphics , number of prizes and choose to make providing their email optional or mandatory. You also can personalize your background and coupon graphics. You can control the progressive expiration coupon dating, update your prizes monthly and specify the frequency of spinning.

Q) How will I know what people have won and who they are?
A) You can log into the secure administrative area and export the Excel file that records the spinner’s name, email address, prize, IP address and the date and time that they played.

Q) Is it possible to collect Zip Code or other information?
A) Yes. We can customize the fields for an nominal fee.

Q) How do I get started with my inexpensive, motiving, reward, coupon, sales increasing prize wheel?
Just call 212-989-6633 or email us – you talk-we listen and then WE DO ALL THE WORK!